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Banyule Flats Reserve and Candlebark Park – May 2019

Phil Marley

It was an auspicious day for our May outing, with voting for a new leader high on everyone’s mind. But the assembled group of 29 stayed focussed on a more important matter – birding. Indeed they didn’t mention the E word all day. Continue reading


Banyule Flats and Wilson Reserve – January 2017

By Anthea Fleming

It is always a pleasure to share my enthusiasm for these parks in the City of Banyule.  I have known them all my birding life and I learnt my birds there. Since 1970 I have seen many changes, and participated in many plantings with the Warringal Conservation Society.  I must also Continue reading

Banyule Flats – March 2015

By Peter Bennet

It was a brisk early morning as we assembled (the group, that is, most of the individuals were reasonably together already) in the Somerset Road carpark. Any doubts about the wisdom of the 8AM kick-off were rapidly dispelled by the cacophony of Rainbow and Musk Lorikeets in the trees about, Magpies and Grey Butcherbirds carolling in the distance and the unmistakeable wails of yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos as they drifted over in apparent defiance of the laws of aerodynamics. Continue reading