End of Year Social – 2019

Phil Marley

The Terminus Hotel in North Fitzroy once again hosted our end-of-year gathering. Clearly mindful of previous Prancing and Dancing, this time they placed us in the beer garden – which was a terrific spot. The weather was kind – gentle filtered sun and no Rain, Dear – reflecting our continued excellent rapport with Jupiter and Zeus.

A goodly number joined the throng to sup on fine food, sip fine beverages and swap tall stories from the year just finishing – the more sipping, the taller the stories. And from what we heard, there must have been a lot of sipping.

Several hours later, well-wined and dined and a little Red-nosed, we Donned our hats and sped like a Comet to Fitzroy High School for our familiar show-and-tell picture session. No Olive-backed orioles or Sunbirds this year, but plenty of birds playing Cupid and showing Vixenish behavior.

Our group had obviously Dashed through bushlands and Blitzed seashores all over the country, and beyond, to collect a fine photographic smorgasbord of fabulous feathered photos. All this, followed by a delicious supper and a well-earned cuppa – a year well-ended.

Sadly, once again, Rudolf couldn’t join us due to prior commitments. Oh well, there’s always next year.

To everyone, have a happy festive season and excellent birding in 2020!

Eastern Curlew – Andrew Browne

Letter-winged Kite – Anthea Fleming

Black Swan – Bridget Gardner

Cockatiel – Catherine Noone

Black Swan – Craig Hogan

Kagu – Ian Wilson

Eastern Bristlebird – Jill Wilson

Fairy Martin – John Van Doorn

Eastern Osprey – John Bosworth

Superb Fairy-wren – John Young

Eastern Yellow Robin – Linda Waters

Splendid Fairy-wren – Margaret Bosworth

Royal Spoonbill – Meryle Findlay

Great Egret – Peter Bennet

Little Egret – Michiko Iida

Crimson Chat – Mike Gage

Brown Thornbill – Phil Marley

Australasian Swamphen – Gaynor Robson

Crimson Chat – Ruth Ault

Brown Thornbill – Sonja Frei

Zebra Finch – Stephen Garth

Little Bee-eater – Steve Waller

Gang-gang Cockatoo – Sue Wilson

At Wibenduck – Vik Dunis


Cranbourne Botanic Gardens – November 2019

Phil Marley

What a difference a year makes. In Sept 2018 we ‘enjoyed’ an outing to Cranbourne which included five hours of rain (at no extra cost). This year – sunshine. All day. And little wind. And lots and lots of birds. Continue reading