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Serendip Sanctuary – 19 November 2022

Serendip(itous) Sightings of the Avian Kind…

By Steve Waller

Our visit to Serendip was always going to be a dicey affair.

The weather forecast was somewhat dire for birders with expensive electronic gadgetry hanging from their necks. Rain was forecast; lots of it. However, the optimists were cheered by the prospect its timing would be delayed until after lunch. After all, a whole morning’s birding in such a top location could be had and so carpe diem!

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You Yangs and Serindip Sanctuary – November 2021

Phil Marley

The group’s previous outing was in the dim and distant past. Back in May. Six months ago. Late autumn.

But it takes more than lockdowns, curfews, 5km limits and winter doldrums to wipe our collective memory. Reconvening for its Nov outing, the group successfully recalled what birds are, how to find them, what they sound like and which one’s which. And perhaps, even, how to photograph them.

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Serendip and the You Yangs – August 2014

By Merrilyn Serong

An enthusiastic group of bird photographers gathered in the car park at Serendip in pleasant weather at 10am. After checking the large map near the entrance, we crossed the bridge, passed the information centre, stopped briefly at the nearby pond and began the Wildlife Walk. Cape Barren Geese sat patiently for photos while several Black Kites circled overhead. Continue reading