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Craigieburn Grasslands (Galgi Ngarrk) and Yan Yean – March 2021

By Steve Waller

It promised to be the most perfect morning. At the end of Ohern’s Road Cragieburn, the crowd of excited long lenses and digital cameras swirled excitedly around their chattering owners. Beyond this group Craigieburn Nature Reserve itself stretched toward the horizon. Its rich autumn tones of ripe native grasses, exotic woody weeds and plentiful birdlife awaited under a blue-vaulted sky.  The group eagerly anticipated a rich photographic harvest of scintillating Cisticolas, titillating Thornbills, even a Quail or two, and raptors without end. All of this and more, if only we could finally get everyone to the right meeting spot!

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Plenty Gorge / Yan Yean – October 2015

Australian Reed-warbler - Peter Bennet

Australian Reed-warbler – Peter Bennet

We began early with a trip up Coombs Rd spur, leading from Yan Yean Reservoir up the Great Dividing Range. As promised there was a lyrebird performing just off the track when we parked, but only Continue reading