End of Year Social – December 2018

Phil Marley

Our bird photo mob is not stuck in a twack – we just know what we like. So, predictably, we migrated once again to the excellent North Fitzroy Terminus Hotel for our 2018 end-of-year convocation.

A flock of 25 or so flew in for fine food and a bevy and feathered anecdotes from the year. Fortunately, roast turkey and four-and-twenty-blackbird-pie were off the menu, but the covey feasted on ancient grains and other succulent grub. The hotel was humming and our clutch contributed to the murmuration.

With gizzards full, our confusion waddled through the well-beaten bush to Fitzroy High School for the twilight-highlight: a lantern show of the best flapping images of the year just finished. It seems our brood is as well-traveled as arctic terns (or a parliament of MPs on fact-finding flights). The pictorial exaltation including Africa, Europe, Asia, Queensland and even roosts as far away as Royal Park, without anyone having to flap a primary.

There was no mob, no murder, no unkindness, just clattering and storytelling and some well-deserved flamboyance. And what would a good gaggle be without a peep and a screech and some bellowing and pretence. And supper, of course.

The challenge for 2019 is to create a collective noun for a group of bird photo photographers. A siege seems apt.

Season’s greetings and happy snapping!

(With apologies to: https://www.britishbirdlovers.co.uk/articles/collective-nouns-for-birds )

Bridled Tern – Jill Wilson

The Bridled Tern was a new ‘tick’ for me in 2019.  This bird was perched alone on a piece of driftwood and not interacting with the hundreds of Sooty Terns on the beach.  I like the colour palette of this image.

Turquoise Parrot – Ruth Ault

Turquoise Parrot , early morning foraging – Warby Ranges October 2018

Red-rumped Parrot

Even though I failed to get the eye sharp, I still like it for it’s colour and action. The photo was taken at a the bird bath at Kurringai cottage located at the foot of the Warby Ranges near Wangaratta

Wedge-tailed Eagle – Catherine Noone

Wedge-tailed Eagle, Kangaroo Island, April 2018.  We saw this magnificent bird while we were driving along a quiet country road late in the afternoon.

Australasian Gannet – Margaret Bosworth

A typical pose for Gannets.

Macleay’s Honeyeater – John Bosworth

Early morning light at Lake Eacham

Helmet Vanga – Alan Fieldus

Helmet Vanga, endemic to lowland and lower montane rainforests of northeastern Madagascar. Its diet is composed of invertebrates, even though its huge beak might suggest fruit or nuts.

Double-banded Plover – John Barkla

Double-banded Plovers arriving at their high tide roost.

Black-shouldered Kite – Michiko Iida

Lucky last to leave WTP car park to take this shot in July.

Hooded Robin – Phil Marley

What a great spot the Goschen Bushland Reserve is – this Hooded Robin was one of six lifers found within 3 hours

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper, Red-necked Stint – Peter Bennet

There’s always one. Sharp-tailed and Curlew Sandpipers with Red-Necked Stints roosting in a cold southerly at WTP.

Double-eyed Fig-Parrot – John Van Doorn

It was a great thrill to see Australia’s smallest parrot at the Cairns Botanic Gardens

1 thought on “End of Year Social – December 2018

  1. John Barkla

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading Phil Marley’s most amusing article on the end of year social. Please pass on to Phil my thanks for a brilliantly written and entertaining article.



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