Long Forest – July 2016

The pleasant sunny weather forecast encouraged 25 eager birders to make their way to the Long Forest reserve near Baccus Marsh to try their luck in spotting some good bush Birds. Long Forest is noted as containing the only patch of Mallee south of the Divide.

Long Forest - Margaret Bosworth

Long Forest – Margaret Bosworth

With Mallee trees not being too tall, the theory was there should be lots of opportunities to provide some good bird photography.

Scarlet Robin - Emmy Silvius

Scarlet Robin – Emmy Silvius

Well, someone should have let the birds know.  Getting photographs proved quite challenging. Still, the weather was as perfect a July day that you could have and a pleasant walk was taken in a loop down  in the Happy Valley section down to Coimadai Creek and back.

Brown-headed Honeyeater - Emmy Silvius

Brown-headed Honeyeater – Emmy Silvius

Brown-headed, Yellow-tufted and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were seen, if at a distance and a flock of White-winged Choughs were also seen and heard.  Weebills made their “weebill” calls and moved around from tree to tree.

Buff-rumped Thornbill - Phil Marley

Buff-rumped Thornbill – Phil Marley

A Wallaby looking worse for wear and posed long enough for several photos to be taken.

Wallaby - Anthea Fleming

Wallaby – Anthea Fleming

Lunch was taken at Mackenzies Flat Picnic area on the Lerderderg River. a Flock of Red-browed Finches zipped around with Superb Fairy-wrens.

Superb Fairy-wren - John Bosworth

Superb Fairy-wren – John Bosworth

After lunch there was exploring up the Lerderderg River. Thankfully no-one fell off the stepping stones.

Crossing the brook Lerderderg - Anthea Fleming

Crossing the brook Lerderderg – Anthea Fleming

Copy of BirdLife Melbourne Outings Proforma LongForest 20160716

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