Eynesbury – August 2015

On a beautiful winters day 25 avid bird photographers met at Eynesbury, near Melton.

Once a working farm and now one of Melbourne’s newest suburbs, Eynesbury has a 268 hectare grey box forest and an ornamental lake. The grey box forest attracts some woodland birds that are difficult to find closer to Melbourne. The ornamental lake is close to the homestead and is always worth a look.

Pacific Black Duck - Ron Garret

Pacific Black Duck – Ron Garret

We all went to the lake first to see what was there and the Freckled Ducks were taking it easy as usual.

Freckled Duck - Jill Wilson

Freckled Duck – Jill Wilson

Then the group spread around the forest, enjoying the easy terrain to wander. There were plenty of Red-rumped Parrots but they were flighty. Crested Shrike-tits and Brown Treecreepers were seen and Speckled Warblers were spotted but were camera shy.

Crested Shrike-tit - John Bosworth

Crested Shrike-tit – John Bosworth

There were not many Thornbills seen but at least one Buff-rumped was.

Buff-rumped Thornbill - Merrilyn Sarong

Buff-rumped Thornbill – Merrilyn Sarong

High above some Falcons were seen flying but were too high to make a confident ID.

After lunch near the old Homestead , it was off to Toolern Valley Park, just around the corner.

Landscape - Anthea Fleming

Landscape – Anthea Fleming

With open woodland and looking over an expansive gully, a Fan-tailed Cuckoo was first heard calling and then seen , while there were also some Jacky Winters and a Brown Falcon was also seen.

Jacky Winter - Stephen Garth

Jacky Winter – Stephen Garth

Finally, we headed to Melton Botanic Gardens. This is a new garden with most development only having occurred in the past decade or so.

New Holland Honeyeater - John Van Doorn

New Holland Honeyeater – John Van Doorn

There were Darters and Great Cormorants perched in a tree. Red-rumped Parrots were more used to people and much more approachable.

Red-rumped Parrot - Kathy Zonneville

Red-rumped Parrot – Kathy Zonneville

The highlight of the day flew in being harassed by other birds – a Spotted Harrier.

Spotted Harrier - Ian Wilson

Spotted Harrier – Ian Wilson

Next Month is the trip to Chiltern.

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