Lightroom Presentation – June 2015

It was back to school where John Stirling talked about the basics of Lightroom 6 (Creative Cloud) and then gave a demonstration of some of its new features including how it can combine photographs using HDR merge or Panorama stitching.

Here are some links to several videos on using Lightroom with an extra one not about Lightroom but containing some breathtaking photos…

You will find over a hundred video Lightroom tutorials by Julieanne Kost here.  Some of them refer to Lightroom 5 but they are just as relevant as the newer Lightroom 6/CC tutorials.  Each one is quite short and yet thoroughly covers just a single aspect of Lightroom.

These two video tutorials by Robert Rodriguez are very good.  Each one runs for about 75 minutes:  Harness the Develop Module for Creative Impact and Creative Developing in Lightroom 5 – Advanced Concepts.

Finally, this is not a Lightroom tutorial, but an inspiring talk by Arthur Morris, one of the world’s top bird photographers – Lenses for Bird and Nature Photography.  He refers to Canon lenses, but his comments would apply to any brand of lens.  It demonstrates that you can get great bird photos with just about any lens.

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